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This is in BETA, so expect whole heaps of fail for the first few days/weeks whilst i/we iron out permissions etc

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This site is dedicated to recording the history and adventures of the fairly unique members of The Reading Festival Online Forum (or RFO)

This site is freely editable to anyone who has registered as a member of this site, however abuse will not be tolerated, and moderaters have been set up to prevent this, same as on the site.

Navigation is simple, use the links on the left hand side to find the pages relating either to members, "adventures" (this encompasses meets both during and not during the festival itself, as well as forum based activities etc). Want to add something to a section? Then click the section title and add a page for it.

This is not designed to detract from the forum, so don't go making FAQ pages for the fest or any of that kinda thing, it is designed to be a members resource, and a way for new members to get a feel for the forum. Keep debates, even about this site over there. This is not concerned with the actual festival, just the members of RFO

As soon after you join this site as possible, please create yourself a page, doesn't need to be huge but it will help build this place up. To add a page go to the Site members section and click "add yourself".

Need help?

Just ask on the forum :p

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