Members Page Template

This is very easy to do, hopefully you'll be able to see the bits that need replacing from my template code.

Copy the following code, including all the * and such:


**About Me**

**Name:** YourName
**DOB:** YourDateOfBirth
**Location:** YourLocation
**Readings Been to:**
* 2004

Then navigate to your page, hit "edit" (at the bottom) and past it in. Replace YourName with your actual name etc. LINKTOYOURPICTURE should be something like a photobucket link to a picture you feel you want people to assosciate with you. Fill in those details and hit save, and you are done. You can edit the page as often and as much as you like.

This is by no means a definitive page, just a basic template to get you going. If you dont feel comfortable divulging certain information just delete the line

Quick tip; to make plain text just type as you would normally, to do fancier stuff use the buttons at the top of the editor

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