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Completely Pointless

Sub-forum where the vast majority of adventures occur. It is set aside for all non-festival related banter (though a lot of festival talk does occur there). The title can be misleading as posting threads which other members believe to be pointless is likely to draw criticism from the masses. Most members frequent only this section of the website…..i.e. those who haven't discovered the magic of the "New Posts" button.

Recurring threads include:

  • FAO: <user> threads where a comment deemed TOO IMPORTANT for private message is released into the public domain.
  • Football or Football Manager related threads (the latter frequented by paraplegics and cripples of various forms).
  • "Stop that!" threads, often "stickied", involving one or more mods issuing a verbal warning to the forum regarding a certain subject becoming taboo.
  • "The What Are You Listening To Thread?" involving members repeatedly posting the title and artist of the music track they are currently listening to. Everyone who posts rarely reads the posts before them so many members see this as a pointless endeavour and would rather save some finger energy by instead listening to the track they are currently listening to.
  • Joeystarz leaving threads. Known to most as Joeystarz, known to some as various other usernames, currently operating under the pseudonym Hazel.Eyes, this character is reknowned for his "I'm leaving the internet" threads. These usually result in many "lulz" and leads to many other members pointing out that the internet is not a location, that you cannot "be" on the internet, ergo it is impossible to leave, as you were never there in the first place. More "lulz" ensue.
  • "Is that Bangers back?" threads where someone asks if the annoying guy on the forums is Bangers using a new user name. It usually is.

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